“A key part of my job is spotting new trends that’s why I follow the right people on social media and read the right magazines – i-D, Wallpaper etc. and I follow Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Vogue and all the top designers.”

Chelsea Green Salon

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Favourite #colorblaster

"Clarendon. Blue because blue it’s bold, the blue can be diluted, it can be mixed with the silver and you can get this really subtle turquoise finish."

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Royal Lux-10

Royal Lux

"It's expensive, classy, cool, still street, still young enough to be fresh. And it’s kept a really cool young element to it."

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Urban Ease-3

Urban Ease

“Urban Ease is literally the total other side to Royal Lux. It’s these really cool kids that rock around, wearing denim and double denim.”

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Fringe Tip

“Always blow-dry your fringe first before you do anything with your hair.”

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Unhappy woman cutting her hair with scissors


“I use Zen Master scissors. They are great scissors, the blades are great, and they are reasonable price as well.”