The New Purify Range


  • Kondicionér ve spreji pro barvené vlasy
  • Objemová pěna
  • Bezaerosolový fixační sprej
  • ?isticí ?ampon
  • Tuhý ?ampon


& use sustainable products!

Vegan Formula
Advanced Formulas
  • Vegan
  • Free-from
  • Formulated with natural ingredients
97% Recycled Material Bottle
Sustainable Packaging
  • Up to 97% recycled plastic
  • Fully recyclable
Better For You & Our Planet
Social Cooperation
  • Giving back to the planet & community
  • Fighting pollution with Plastic Bank

Our Sustainable Products

  • Color Shampoo
  • Repair Shampoo
  • Moisture Shampoo
  • Color Conditioner
  • Repair Mask
  • Moisture Spray
  • Setting Spray
  • Texture Spray
  • Shine Wax
  • Matte Wax
  • Volume Powder
  • Hairspray

ACT NOW! and make your salon sustainable


Your journey towards an eco-friendlier salon starts right now! Download our sustainability hacks for your salon & see what you can do to ACT NOW!


Save Water

Hairdressing consumes a lot of water! Did you know that one client can use up to 350 litres of water? See what you can do to reduce this waste.

Reduce Electricity

Salons are one of the most energy consumptives of small businesses! It's not only a financial cost - but it also has an impact on the environment.

Recycle & Upcycle

Did you know that only 14% of our waste is recycled? The rest is left to pollute our natural habitat. ACT NOW! with us & see what you can do to recycle and upcycle better!

Control Your Climate

Did you know that the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is the main cause of climate change? Find out how you can contribute & reduce your own carbon footprint!

Add Green to your salon

See how you can add GREEN to your salon! Purify & upgrade your salon's look with natural solutions.

Recycle Hair
Recycle Hair

Do you consider hair a waste material? Don't! It can be easily recycled & more: you can make money off it!

Print Sustainably

Find out how to protect trees & use paper sustainably.

Smart Sustainability

Find out how to protect trees & use paper sustainably.

#Ho­wI­Act­Now Chal­len­ge

Show us your looks created with our brand new ACT NOW! range OR share your small acts of kindness to the planet for a chance to win!