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To mark the close of 2020 and the beginning of a new year, we have created a new Ed(you)cational program and Seminar Brochure to welcome you into the world of INDOLA Ed(you)cation for 2021! We want to empower you. To give you the tools you need to be fearless in your craft. Knowledge is power, and your power exists within your ability to help your clients discover their true identity. We want to celebrate you, our creative force. We invite you to join Generation INDOLA and start your Ed(you)cation journey with us today! Our new concept for 2021 is geared up with not only a new set of in-person seminars but also a full 360° educational experience including our online education and a monthly delivery of brand-new tutorials, courtesy of our Newsflash segments. We are all individuals and not everyone has the same learning needs. For this reason, we have created a new modular system of Ed(you)cation. All seminars will be tailored to your needs, with our Ed(you)cators designing the perfect education package for you. This will incorporate both our fundamental and creative education, whilst keeping street style looks at the core of everything we do. It’s education for a new generation. Ed(you)cation will include: • Fundamental Ed(you)cation – to cover those essential topics, such as introducing you to Generation INDOLA, a seminar where you will learn about who we are and the products we have to offer. We also have a Colour Seminar to introduce you to the concept and execution of colour. • Creative Ed(you)cation ¬– improve your skills and get those creative juices flowing. Our Get Street Wise seminar will be updated each quarter with the latest looks, services and Blockbuster Techniques from our Street Style Collections. • Digital Ed(you)cation – the digiworld is a great tool to complement your physical education, enabling you to learn in your own time. For 2021, we’re bringing you digital content that will be at your fingertips whenever you need it. Each month we will bring you our Newsflash article, taking you through a salon technique from beginning to end. Every issue will include a step-by-step tutorial, as well as imagery and an expert tip from our collaborators. You will also be able to learn about our new Street Style Collections, with a full set of step-by-steps and video tutorials. • Social Media World – throughout 2021 our Instagram channel will continue to bring you compelling educational content, including #smarttips and full ed(you)cational IGTV sessions – #unitedweedyoucate. Our Hero Seminars for 2021 are: • The Blonding Handbook – Blondes always represent a challenge, but they’re also a way to make your mark in the industry. Learn how to create a fantastic in-salon blonding experience. From simple highlighting techniques to complex corrections, this seminar will equip you to achieve the most brilliant blondes, every single time. • Update & Upskill – a chance to discover the latest innovations from INDOLA. This is the go-to seminar for knowledge of the INDOLA brand portfolio and how you can upskill your services with it straight away. You are officially invited to our ed(you)cation revolution for 2021! Don’t delay, view the full Digital Seminar Brochure